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All data examples on this web site and in publications are generated by means of a self-developed system. It is a medium-sized system (more than 200.000 lines of code) for interpretation of reflection data (seismic, georadar etc.).  Overview 


Category (*)

Scientific publications

GeoScience and climate

Ultra-shallow seismic and GPR methods applied on sand-covered limestone in northern Jutland, Denmark.

F. Barlach, Near Surface Geophysics, Vol 13, No. 1, February 2015 pp. 83 - 92.


Mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics

A linear classifier design approach.

F. Barlach, Pattern Recognition, 1991, v:24, n:9, pp:871-877.


Mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics

Payphone coin validation using pattern recognition.

F. Barlach, Pattern Recognition, 1990, v:23, n:3-4, pp:379-384.

(*) Authority list, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 2014.